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Welcome to the JFK History Tour

Relive the tumultous days of November 22-24, 1963 as we revisit the stops made famous by the assassination of President John F. Kennedy.

Our Mission

The tour is meant to bring you back to the days of November 22-24, 1963 and the events that made up the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. We do not make any statements regarding conspiracy theories, etc. We leave that up to each individual visitor.

Our tour is unlike the others. We keep the attendence small and allow a more in depth intimate tour. We like to share stories attached to the assassination as well as hear your stories of "where you were" when these tragic events unfolded. We see many people from different areas of the country and the world so no tour is exactly the same. We have recently added audio clips from November 22-24, 2014 from radio and television broadcasts. We have also added photography to take you back to those days and let you browse through pictures throughout the tour.

Our tour meets on the benches by the entrance of the former Texas School Book Depository by the parking booth. You can park in the public parking lot all day for $5.00

The Tour

The tour starts you off in chronological order from when the President lands at Dallas Love Field on Air Force One, to when alleged assassin Lee Harvey Oswald is assassinated himself in the Dallas Municipal building. For all of our stops on the tour, please visit our Tour section of the website.

About The Tour

The JFK History Tour lasts approximately two hours and allows multiple opportunities for photos and more.

For questions about our tour, or to make a reservation, call us at 214-960-3675 Mon-Sat 9am-5pm CST or email us at

You can also book a reservation for a tour by clicking the Purchase Tickets link on the left or by clicking Pricing at the top of the page. Reservations are required and we suggest reserving early to ensure your spot.

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